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    Aerial/adage duo X-Lines (en)

    Aerial/adage duo X-Lines (en)

    Meet an incredible aerial gymnastic and adage duo “X-Lines” presented by Anatoliy Bulakh Creation! Sergei Kozakov (1990, Moldova) and Anastasiia Niukina (1993, Ukraine), are professional circus performers, dedicated their lives to this beautiful kind of art.

    Anastasiia has begun her way from rhythmic gymnastics, combining the sport with art. She started at the age of 5 and went through a long way of trainings and competitions among the National Team of Ukraine, achieving numerous awards on local and international championships. After finishing her sport career Anastasiia decided to try herself in a circus direction. An incredible flexibility and gymnastic skills helped her to successfully learn such circus genres as contortion and acrobatics very quickly.

    Sergei was an athletic kid, trying himself in different kinds of sport activities since he was a little, but he only joined the professional circus at his 16. Sergei was inspired by his brother Alexei Kozakov, aerial gymnast, graduate of Kiev Circus Academy and the Cirque du Soleil performer. Alexei’s first acts were created and produced at various international circus festivals by Anatoliy & Marina Bulakh, stage directors of Kiev Circus Academy, currently free-lanced. The fact Alexei became an artist of the Cirque du Soleil impulse and inspired Sergei to try himself in the professional art of circus.

    Sergei and Anastasiia met at the circus school and decide to try working as a pair. They made a lovely duo together; combined athletic strength with elegant beauty and grace. Under the guidance of their coaches Sergei and Anastasiia has made a huge progress in duo acrobatics and aerial gymnastics. Later, together with Anatoliy and Marina they have created several exclusive acts and got the chance to start their professional circus career. During the last 5 years Sergei and Anastasiia has performed in more than 15 countries around the world, impressing the audiences of the best entertainment venues.

    Now Sergei and Anastasiia are starting to work on a new mutual project with Anatoliy Bulakh Creation – their own full length circus show of two artists, a beautiful story of relationships told in body language, combining dance, acrobatics, contortion, aerial gymnastics and much more.

    Duo “X-Lines” is represented by Maxima Artistic Agency on