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    Berlin Circus Festival – Manifesto

    Berlin Circus Festival – Manifesto
    Berlin Circus Festival

    Dear friends, dear partners, dear circuspeople,

    this is a message to you from the Berlin Circus Festival and our partners:

    The contemporary circus is currently establishing itself as an independent art form in Germany, but there is still a lot to be done. It is a matter of heart to make our contribution to help contemporary circus gain more attention and recognition in Germany.

    But we need your support!

    Together with our partners – the Initiative New Circus, Chamaeleon Productions and Sebastiano Productions – we wrote the “Manifesto of the Contemporary Circus in Germany” and would like to encourage you to sign and share!

    On August 30th 2017, during the Berlin Circus Festival,  we are officially handing over the Manifesto with all signatures to the heads of Cultural Policy and are therefore looking forward to numerous signatures and supporters.

    Here you can read and sign:

    Thank you for your support for the contemporary circus!

    Berlin Circus Festival